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novinky týme  2012-02-24 6:13 PM

ahoj týme uděláme parlament ka¸dou neděli mi posílejte návrhy a já je budu spracovávat mo¸ná uděláme fond
Member of the Team  2011-12-17 6:27 PM

Hello! We are looking for a new member of the team! You have fun at play? You can view the English language? You have ideas for small games in the chat? You can take responsibility? Are you older than 18 years?

Your tasks:

1. Control of the chat!
2. Control of donations and auctions!
3. Small games in the chat?
4. Events Leading own!

Did you want to help us? Then write a message to Isabelle.
Tell her something from you! (Age, Where are you from?, Your motivation)